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Pharmaceutical grade supplements are nutrients (minerals, amino acids, vitamins, fats, etc,) that are manufactured in a standardized, consistent and high-quality manner. Companies that make pharmaceutical grade supplements or nutrients are independently certified and inspected by a third party for good manufacturing practices.  In the nutrient industry, there are several third-party organizations that are known to evaluate and set this standard.

A broad spectrum of quality supplements hand picked by Dr. Speight are available through the clinic.  Contact our office for more information. 704-847-2022 or email Shipping is also offered for your convenience.

Staving off cold and flu means more than a vaccine

Check your Vitamin D levels. If they are not within mid to the upper range of normal you may not be supplementing enough. Remember this is a fat soluble vitamin and dosages should be under the recommendation of an appropriately licensed clinician.

Vitamin C – how much and what source are both crucial in efficacy.

Melatonin at bedtime. There are articles supporting melatonin at bedtime to improve immune response.

Beta C by BodyWise  is more than Beta Carotine, it has added flavinoids that also are known to boost immune strength.

UltraPreventative II is one daily supplement that is one of the most well rounded daily nutritional supplements that I have found to be well tolerated and produced by a company that supplies quality products.

If you cannot bear to replace your morning coffee with a cup of green tea, try taking green tea extract. Green tea has powerfull antioxidant qualities and has been used for centuries as a natural medicine in many Asian cultures.

Also, be aware that if you are taking prescription medications, there are many that can deplete your nutritional status and inturn reduce your body’s own natural defences. Consider having a nutritional assay to evaluate whether you are taking too much or too little of any particular nutrient.

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