Healing Laser Therapy

Class 4 heat laser therapy helps reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance tissue healing—both in firm and soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. The treatment stimulates the cytochrome oxidase enzyme in the cells’ mitochondria. Injured cells are targeted because damaged cells are more readily accepting of photons of light, whereas healthy cells don’t need this extra energy. Our clinic offers the first treatment at no cost so that the patient can see if there will be some benefit. Some minor injuries and early arthritis aches can easily be remedied with one or two treatments. A consult with the physician is required prior to all therapies.

The optimum approach to health and longevity is prevention which goes beyond routine screenings. Age management medicine, also referred to, somewhat inappropriately as “Anti-Aging medicine”, is based on the very early detection, prevention, and partial reversal of age-related diseases.  Although the standardized testing for diabetes, heart disease, breast and prostate cancers are important; there are more answers to be found with an integrative approach in reviewing all facets of well being, which would include nutritional and environmental influences on health.

Over the last 100 years people are living twice as long as they once had and medical interventions have been developed to sustain a person’s life, though prolonged life does not always imply quality of life. There is a new awareness in prevention, although the general community has much more to learn than the standardized approach to the routine physical exam as a means of detecting illness and preventing disease. Life style changes are required in addition to being aware of high levels of chemical we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Learning how these environmental influences impact our health is worth the time investingment in order to help prevent some of the illnesses associated with the aging process.

The Center for Wellness is at the forefront in educating and investigating an indivuals risks for disease by using only the best evidence-based medicine in conjuction with a biochemical approach to assessing potential illess. An integrative approach to health while utilizing effective nutritional interventions and other treatments will lend to further disease prevention and improving overall health and wellness.

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