CNS Vital Signs Remote Cognitive Testing 

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CNS Vital Signs neurocognitive testing procedure is a non-invasive clinical procedure to efficiently and objectively assess a broad spectrum of brain function performance or domains under challenge (cognition stress test) and 50+ computerized clinical and quality rating instruments e.g., PQRS to enable the measuring of important clinical symptoms, behaviors, and comorbidities to …

  • Detect and track even slight (millisecond precision) cognitive impairments that can assist clinicians in the evaluation and management of neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, neurotraumatic and neurodevelopmental disorders providing immediate clinical insight into a patient’s current status and level of impairment
  • Help evaluate the possibility of secondary gain e.g., academic accommodation, drug or disability seeking, malingering, symptom feigning etc. with embedded cognitive performance validity indicators
  • Give patients, family members and caregivers knowledge of cognitive domains that underpin the ability to conduct activities of daily living
  • Automate the collection of guideline recommended clinical and quality measures e.g., PQRS, recommended by professional societies and payers
  • Establish a neurocognitive baseline in each patient to use in later treatment decisions
  • Longitudinally track clinical endpoints to aid in the monitoring and management of many clinical conditions and treatments e.g., measure the response to treatment like AD/HD medication, rehabilitation efforts, cognitive behavioral therapy – CBT, etc. and used to measure clinical outcomes
  • Help identify domains needing additional or full neuropsychological evaluations

CNS Vital Signs has taken a LIFESPAN approach … collecting a large neurocognitive normative reference group from ages 8 to 89. The normative comparison helps clinicians grade the level of neurocognitive impairment that can help rule-in or rule-out certain clinical conditions and/or determine the level of impairment.

CNS Vital Signs leading edge neurocognitive and behavioral health assessment technologies efficiently collects valid and reliable brain & behavioral clinical endpoints providing clinicians with valuable clinical endpoints that help inform the clinical relationship between brain function (central nervous system) and neurocognitive / behavioral dysfunction.

The CNS Vital Signs assessment platform has been rapidly custom configured and deployed in numerous clinical and research settings to aid and support clinical practice and research activities along the CARE CONTINUUM:

Clinicians use CNS Vital Signs as a BRIEF-CORE assessment to get a rapid or immediate read on a patient’s neurocognitive status. Brain and behavioral specialists use CNS Vital Signs in combination with other valid assessments to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of an individual patient’s status and then continue using CNS Vital Signs to guide rehabilitation and patient management, track treatment or intervention outcomes, and disease progression.


Here at the Center for Wellness, we offer the ability to take the CNS Vital Signs Test that is right for you from the comfort and ease of your own home. All you will need is access to a computer and the remote link and code that our office will generate for you. Once you choose the test that is appropriate for you below, you will receive and email from our office that will provide you a link and a remote code to enter. Your test will begin and our office will receive all the results to be prepared and continue your telehealth process with Dr. Speight. 


  • Fast and Easy, no requirement for an in-office visit ahead of time

  • Affordable: The CNS Vital Signs Remote Test offers a fully remote option at a lower cost than our In-Office guided procedure.

  • Reimbursement Options Available: Our office can provide you with the proper forms to submit to your insurance for a reimbursement of your testing expense.

  • Confidentiality: Your remote code will be generated unique to you and your circumstances. Our office will securely receive the results of the test and added to your confidential patient file. 


The CNS Vital Signs Remote Testing Procedure is a very effective way to help your doctor understand many factors that may be affecting your behavioral, social, or psychosocial health. It will provide further insight into the need for further assessments. Click below to get started and order your testing code today!

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